Dubai : Tropical rainforest biodome ready to open for public


A tropical rainforest in the heart of Dubai – completed with a variety of species from plants to animals – is ready to be open for public early September 2016. The Green Planet it’s called, located in the City Walk of Dubai, will be well known as a living classroom where everyone gets to learn about the tropical wildlife.

The origami-style glass building will offer a panoramic view overlooking treetops of the whole ecosystem – not to mention a beautiful waterfall completed with steam and noises that resemble the Amazon rainforest.

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification has been given to The Green Planet for their efforts in sustainability, which has surpassed requirements from Dubai Municipality’s Green Building Regulations and Specifications.

According to Jean Marc-Bled, Meraas Holding General Manager Leisure and Entertainment, the Green Planet has almost reached its final stages after three years of construction. As the first integrated biodome to serve the first indoor tropical rainforest in the region, visitors can personally experience firsthand what it is like to be lost in a tropical rainforest surrounded by plants and animals.

He added that the biodome is also completed with an integral airlock to maintain internal eco-integrity of the facility. With the humidity set to 700%, temperatures inside the dome range between 25C and 28C to keep the animals in.

Lead architect of The Green Planet biodome, Brad McTavish, explained that a lot of teams were involved in the construction process, including the zoologist, aquarius specialist and sophisticated mechanical and structural engineers working together to create a suitable habitat for the plants and Animals, at the same time trying to meet the high environmental and zoological standards.

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