UAE : Hazza Bin Zayed stadium receives the Estidama Two Pearl rating


Located in the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, the Estidama Two Pearl Construction rating has been given to Hazza Bin Zayed, one of the most sophisticated sports venues in the region.

Built in 150 km East of Abu Dhabi, with a total capacity of 45,000 sq metres floor area, the building utilizes the wind for natural cooling. The rooftop stadium is designed in a way that can accommodate 200 floodlights, which provides full pitch shading at key match times. A unique parasol is also installed to specifically shade all fans.

The stadium is completed with solar collection panels which supply domestic hot water. RGB LED lighting is controlled by a DMX, creating a stunning palm-bowl facade that is showcased to be the most iconic element of the building.

With the implementation of several green features, Hazza Bin Zayed stated as the first stadium in the UAE region to be awarded an Estidama Construction Certification.

The Pearl Rating System is the green building rating developed by the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council as part of their Estidama sustainable development initiative.

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