UAE : The frontrunner in smart building solutions


The UAE is crowned as the leader for the GCC initiatives in smart building solutions with more than two-thirds of building projects (a total of 1,236 buildings) LEED certified, and is also a frontrunner in implementing unified buildings codes for new buildings in the city.

A recent study by Honeywell International also stated that Abu Dhabi International Building Code (ADIBC) standards have become mandatory for every building in the emirate city since 2014.

Moreover, strict environmental regulations are also being implemented by the GCC as an effort to boost the smart building solution sector.

Meanwhile, Al Safat green building rating system has just been launched in Dubai. The rating system includes Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze categories for buildings, which is aligned with Dubai’s Clean Energy Strategy 2050 and Dubai’s move towards becoming a smart city. Today, it is mandatory to meet the minimum Bronze requirement to receive a permit for every building that had been constructed after 2014.

According to Jamal Abdullah Lootah, Imdaad CEO, there’s been a lack of awareness from building owners on the numerous benefits of smart building technologies such as energy efficiency, building longevity, and enhanced living experiences for residents. The lack of incentives and cost involved has made unenthusiastic movement in working towards energy saving solutions. Today, with the implementation of UAE new codes, the Emirates aims to change the mindset of people in the green building solutions area.

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