Qatar : Ministry to increase budget for green areas


To make Qatar a green country, the Ministry of Municipality and Environment has allocated more budget towards the development of the country’s green areas.

Regarding this, The Ministry has begun planting more trees and flowers along the main streets of the Doha Corniche in order to help with air circulation and reduce pollution.

According to Mohammad Ali Al Khuri, Head of Public Parks Department, the ‘Neighbourhood Park’ initiative was also launched by the ministry aiming to provide public parks in the city, especially near residential areas.

He also added that another initiative focused on the green buildings and green rooftop has been launched by the ministry. The goal is to create more awareness and encourage people to plant trees in Qatar.

Al khuri emphasized the benefit of building and housing green rooftops to promote the plantation of beautiful gardens. He also explained regarding the low cost budget and how it could prove to be more efficient.

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