Green Building design for UAE’s sustainable future | Baharash Architecture | Baharash Bagherian

Baharash Bagherian shares his insights on the implementation of green building design in realising Middle East’s urban sustainable development.

Today, UAE seeks to become a successful global hub for green buildings so as to enhance the region’s sustainable development and to preserve the built environment for future generations. Industry experts in UAE have urged for green construction through the use of green building practices in an effort to meet the sustainability goals.

Baharash Bagherian is the Design Director and Founder of Baharash Architecture.


More about Baharash Architecture

Baharash Architecture is an award winning design studio based in London. There is a true sense of entrepreneurial spirit in our work and thus innovation is our core strength. Baharash Architecture believe that great architecture is more than buildings; it’s about creating resilient destinations that make people feel healthy to live in, inspired to work in and want to visit. The firm strive to develop innovative and creative solutions that make a positive contribution to our current and future generations. The projects is all about creating healthy places that inspire people to live a healthier lifestyle. Each project in the studio is driven by a process of investigation, experimentation and always asking “what if?” The outcomes of these studies form the basis of the design. The firm is working holistically at all scales, from urban scale; such as master plans, landscape design and buildings, to smaller scale; such as interiors, furniture and products.


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