Jordan : The first mall to be built with international green building standards


The Abdali Mall, Jordan’s newest retail and leisure hub, is the first large scale commercial building in the city to be built with international “Green” standards. This commercial building is said to employ green practices such as natural heating and cooling, water recycling and solar panels.

Located in the heart of Amman, this mall has over 2.4 million square floor and will significantly rely on solar energy to become resource efficient. The roof of the mall is equipped with 11,000 square meters of transparent tent which is divided into 16 sections with steel frames and cable structures. An open area will soon be built around the vicinity to allow for open air and less electricity usage throughout the year, as well as produce natural ventilation.

12 tunnels of natural heating and cooling are also featured in this building, causing the air circulating from the atmosphere from the foundation of the building through the back into the public spaces. Green vegetation such as small bushes and palm trees will work as an irrigation system and help to conserve water.

Although Jordan is a place that lacks a few resources, Reem Bdour, Chief Architect said that local materials such as stone, aluminum and steel will be used to construct the building.

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (ERBD) had given USD 80 million as a long-term loan as the mall is said to be an eco-friendly large-scale development project.

The mall has been built to meet the the International Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards and will apply for the certification after it has been fully completed, according to the Mall’s Officials.

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