UAE : New Sustainable School inside Dubai Sustainable City


A new school, planned to be build inside a residential community in Dubai, has had its design finalised by Danish architecture practice CEBRA. The design aims is to rethink conventional school design in hot climates and reduce the need of air in hot climates such as the UAE’s.

The doors from the classrooms will lead directly into the outdoors, which will be lush with greenery, wind towers, and shaded spaces. Set in a sustainable city, the green vegetation of the city will meld into the school’s and up its façades. Students will contribute to the scenery by growing their own gardens as they learn about sustainability.

The city  is designed to integrate every building; it is under development by Diamond Developers and consists of townhouses and courtyard villas. All wastewater produced by the city is treated and reused. Additionally, the city produces more electricity from photovoltaic solar panels than it consumes.

The school is designed for 1000 students between the ages of 3 and 12 years old. It will boast 10,000 square metres of area and provide education on sustainability for all its students.

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