Dubai: Green Cement Viable Alternative Says Research


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The International Concrete Sustainability Conference (ICSC) took place this past May in Washington, US. In it, Dubai Municipality spoke to its experience with using green cement as well as the sustainable concrete industry.

Aida Al Harmoodi, head of the Consultants and Contractors Qualification Section of the Buildings Department, spoke of the municipality’s efforts to green the city of Dubai. He emphasised the role of eco-friendly cement and continuous, sustainable efforts for improving, developing, and innovating.

Throughout the event, representatives of the Municipality addressed many of the environmental concerns involved with more ordinary, non-green cement, and how they are minimised with green cement technology. Ordinary cement is considered to be particularly non-eco-friendly due to its incredibly energy-intensive manufacturing process. Additionally, panel members mentioned, applications of cement result in increased carbon dioxide emissions and often even massive quantities of toxic substances, endangering public health and the environment.

Throughout the conference the civic body repeatedly remarked that the efforts have succeeded due to leaders’ support and directives that ensured the reaching of environmental standards.

Ahmad Saeed Al Badwawi, head of Research and Building Material Studies at Buildings Department added that research was conducted in both the building and the construction field to ensure building practices were in line with the environmental regulations of Dubai. The research also found that green cement could improve the lifespan of a building by almost 40%.

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