Qatar : QGBC signs MoU for green building development collaboration


A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for collaboration in conducting eco-friendly and sustainable practices for Qatar’s green building design and development has been signed between Qatar Green Building Council (QGBC) and Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB).

With mutual education, training, and the promotion of construction-focused research in Qatar, the collaboration aims to maximise the utilisation of the organisation’s resources.

According to Engineer Meshal Al Shamari, Director of QGBC, they conduct research to understand and promote sustainable practices in Qatar, building environments with council initiatives, interest groups, and research activities.

The agreement will be another valuable opportunity to build on existing research and tap into the CIOB’s international influence to better address the needs of the local market.

He also added that the in-depth understanding of the needs of the local market’s sustainability, and their established networks for stakeholders, are the keys to the success of QGBC in leading in the sustainability research.

The MoU reflects the CIOB’s commitment to increasing awareness and knowledge of sustainable building practices. The MoU aims to show greater leadership in the marketplace, which is witnessing unprecedented levels of construction, through expertise and the collaboration with QGBC, as been explained by Chris Chivers, President of Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB).

Together with CIOB’s representative, QGBC will work to undertake joint research endeavours and organise relevant educational and outreach the initiatives.


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