Dubai : New Dubai committe formed

A new committee lead by Khalid Mohammad Saleh Al Mulla, director of the Buildings Department at Dubai Municipality, has been announced by Dubai Municipality.

The newly formed committee is expected to ensure Dubai’s building safety and the conservation of natural resources in a sustainable manner. The committee will also take part in the supervision and licensing of Emirates buildings, in addition to attempting to avoid duplicate inspections.

The new committee will take also review and update the requirements and the technical specifications for Emirates buildings, and will also issue manuals relating to the specifications, particularly for external cladding and insulation.

With an aim of standardising the process of issuing building permits, the committee will coordinate with several Dubai stakeholders to address current procedures.

Under the supervision of the committee, a team of an experts will be formed to review cladding and fire insulation works to ensure the best safety and material standards.

All executed and under construction buildings will also be supervised by the team to ensure fire-safety standards are met.


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