Bahrain : The contruction of 40 green building projects


Bahrain is committed to develop 40 green building projects as part of its sustainable development initiative in reducing power and water consumption, as well as operation cost reduction and maintenance.

As green buildings contribute to 30 per cent on water and electricity savings, 15 per cent on maintenance costs, 35 per cent of carbon emission reduction and 50 to 75 per cent of construction waste, the green initiatives is  the most important strategic objectives for Bahrain Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs & Urban Planning.

According to Mona AL Motawa, the Assistant undersecretary for construction projects & maintenance at the Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs & urban planning, the ministry will keep working on strategies of the green and sustainable building initiatives which had been implemented since 2010. The ministry has taken a big role for sustainable and green building projects by implementing the best national practices that suit the local environment.

Six model lists of green building elements – such as locations, materials, quality of internal environment, power efficiency, water, and management – have been put in place for the green building specifications by The Ministry of Construction & Maintenance.

Building direction, shading, heat insulation, reflective and double-glazed glass, power saving lights, smart light control techniques, sensor taps in bathrooms, solar-powered heaters and eco-friendly materials for all mechanic service systems have also been included for the design planning as secondary elements for building needs.

Aiming to reduce power consumption and increasing individual’s awareness for power and water resources, the ministry has also employed the application of practical measures in the existing governmental school. The building’s energy efficiency will be evaluated by the Building Maintenance Directorate of the ministry as part of the assessment, control, evaluation and development stage.

One of the new academic building in  Bahrain Training Institute, Wadi Al Sail Primary/Intermediate School for Boys, has become a green institute in Bahrain that implements green building methods.

Hamad Town Intermediate School for Boys, Malkiya Primary/Intermediate School for Girls, Busaiteen Intermediate School for Girls, Hunainiya Secondary School for Boys and Isa Town Primary School for Boys are other schools under the Gulf development program.

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