UAE : A green initiative to promote energy efficient lighting


Three government bodies have collaborated to enforce a green initiative aimed to promote energy efficiency in lighting. The Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology (ESMA), Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) and Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) have launched a nationwide campaign called “I LED the way” soon to be kicking off on May 22 along with the Efficient Lighting Campaign.

Awareness campaigns, community engagement and green initiatives will be used to achieve the 12-month eco-programme in an attempt to minimise negative environmental impacts, as well as promote the use of LED lights and energy efficiency. Aligned with the World Environment Day set in 5 June 2016, the campaign will also use education and retail-orientated programmes to urge residents to reduce their lighting footprint.

ESMA stated that the campaign will work hand-in-hand in supporting the recently implemented national Regulation for Lighting Products passed in late 2013, which contained a rule to ban inefficient lighting technologies from entering the UAE market.

During the time of the campaign, all high efficiency LED-certified lighting products by ESMA at selected Dubai retailers will receive a discount of 25% for a week and residents will be offered eco-friendly disposal solutions to replace old light bulbs.

A study by the campaign authorities revealed that 57% of the UAE’s ecological footprint comes from energy consumed in the household sector,  by which 6% comes from lighting. By switching to energy efficiency lighting, the UAE could save around 65% in electricity, which may yield a 28% cooling bonus due to reduced air conditioning demand.

According to Niall Watson, the founder of ‘I LED the way’, the campaign aims to create green societies by encouraging every individual within different industries to become green champions. On a broader scale, the programme aims to support the UAE in reducing national energy and water consumption by 2021.

He added that the campaign will play a part in minimising environmental impacts brought about by increased carbon emissions and greenhouse gases in the UAE – supporting the country in becoming a more environmentally sustainable nation.

To achieve its objectives, the “I LED the way” initiative will work closely with the private sector to better understand key barriers to adopting greener lifestyle choices.

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