Abu Dhabi : Masdar City’s future urban development plans


Aiming to promote green buildings in Middle East’s real estate industry, Masdar City, one of the world’s most sustainable urban development, plans to have more than a third (35 percent) of the city’s planned built-up area completed within the next five years.

The third party developers will be handling the significant proportion of the built-up area. This includes a six-floor office block, an upscale private apartment and townhouse, a new campus called Emirates College of Technololgy, the Abu Dhabi based private higher education institution, and the new GEMS Education school.

Considering the city’s existing footprint, the planned design will be up to 40 per cent more water and energy efficient compared with another existing buildings and will also use more eco-friendly materials for the building construction. Masdar city targets to meet a minimum of ‘3 pearl’ Estidama rating, the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning standards framework.

Aiming to maximize space efficiency as well as enlarging the adoption of architectural and civil engineering innovation in the region, The Masdar City Campus of the Emirates College of Technology plans to incorporate a robotic parking technology in the campus.

According to Anthony Mallows, the executive director of Masdar City, Masdar City is a pioneer for sustainable urban development, with its growing community of developers, investor and private sectors all benefited from the green practices and advanced technologies implemented within the cityscape.

Through various R&D initiatives and current on-site green projects underway, Masdar City has taken the concept of sustainable urban development to a whole new different level of the future.

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