10 DESIGNs Ashjar at Barari wins the 2014 CityScape Awards for emerging markets

“Winner of the 2014 Cityscape Awards for Emerging Markets, Ashjar at Al Barari is designed to Al-Barari’s aspiration to cultivate a unique vision of high-end living in harmony with the natural environment.”

The idea of “tree living” inspired the design of the high end residences with three different characters of unique amenity: at the forest floor, within the tree canopy, and above the forest canop. With over 80% of the site dedicated to landscape, these apartments merge seamlessly into their surroundings.

The development comprises 300 luxury apartments within secluded low rise buildings, each carefully woven at canopy level in to a lush forest landscape. Dense planting, meandering streams, shared amenity, and secluded gardens connect communities and allow controlled access to the wider masterplan and amenities.

Within the Ashjar site, three diverse building typologies range from an extrovert and open layout, to an introvert and screened enclosure. The introvertand extrovert apartments are arranged around a central core with living and dining areas located with wider dual aspect views at each corner. Large expansive terraces combine with fully retractable glass façades blur the boundaries between inside and out. These terraces frame views to the Dubai skyline at upper levels, whilst lower level apartments are afforded larger garden and landscape experiences.

The apartments limit intense solar exposure experienced throughout the day. Each unit is oriented south, featuring strategic glazing to optimise views and high thermal massing to improve thermal efficiency. Shading strategies are deployed through horizontal beams and pergolas which increase visibility or sliding screens that create privacy and layers of transparency. Interior planning enables rich natural daylight surrounded by the landscape of Al Barari.

 About 10 DESIGN

10 DESIGN is a leading international Partnership of Architectural, Urban, Landscape and Interior Designers and Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) specialists. They have spent thelast two decades working in the emerging Asian and Middle Eastern markets and have established a reputation and brand name within the industry. The founding of 10 DESIGN was a result of the Partners’ aspiration to create multicultural projects with architectural, economic, environmental and social integrity.


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