Oman : Green buildings to rationalize energy consumption


Aiming to rationalize energy consumption and utilize the renewal of solar and wind energy, the Sultanate of Oman is shifting towards the concept of green buildings by planning to build a center for green buildings under the Omani Engineers Society development.

According Khamis bin Salin al-Soli, Chairman of Oman Green Building Centre, the concept of green buildings is that it meets the needs for eco-friendly environments.

He added that green buildings will bring many positive impacts such as reducing the level of solid waste production to a minimum and ensure tranquility and peace of mind by circulating air and utilizing solar heating in the building.

Researchers have shown that 45% of buildings are responsible for the world’s energy usage, while 70% of water is produced and 50% of materials are consumed by the buildings. With more construction of green buildings in Oman, Khamis bin Salin al-Soli plans to reduce up to 35-50% of CO2 emissions.

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