Saudi Arabia : Building envelopes for sustainability


Saudi Arabia is still late on implementing sustainable facade design, despite the country’s high volume of green building projects. Parameters which include location, the building itself, its interiors and other factors should all be taken into account to achieve a sustainable envelope.

Ayman Ahmed Hassan, head of architecture and senior projects of the ACE stated that renewable energy is key to the envelope scheme. However, heat becomes the major setback in Saudi Arabia.

Building Envelope green sustainability requirement include the green architecture and green building processes with the building’s life- cycle which is design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation and even demolition.

Green architecture and green building processes are required for the sustainability of the Building Envelope, especially throughout the building’s life-cycle; from design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and even demolition.

A good envelope design can result in better wind turbines and recycled water for domestic use, as well as landscape irrigation.

Hassan also added that the buildings envelope being helped by Bio-Facades to interact with the surrounding environment with the changes as controlled by building management system (BMS).

According to Hassan, green building facades help the building’s envelope create a more sustainable ecosystem in the surrounding environment. Kinetic Facades can be used as well, which is controlled through a building’s management system (BMS).


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