Tehran : Rooftop gardens as a growing trend


To address Tehran’s polluted city, the idea of making vertical greenery and rooftop gardens in high-rise buildings are now becoming a common trend in Iran. In developed countries, green roofs in buildings are becoming mandatory. Iran however has yet to consider such measures in their policies. Experts hope that more buildings will have green rooftops to improve the city’s air quality. Every one sqm of green space helps remove 500 grams of particulate matter per year. Plants that grow higher than buildings can produce more oxygen. Hence, it would be a great idea to plant trees and bushes on rooftops.

After numerous damages to Tehran’s ecological structure made by construction activities and urbanization, the parks and public green space development have not been able to restore the city’s green ambiance. Due to its densely populated people, gardens can only be found in several cities; in Isfahan, Shiraz, and north Tehran.

According to a study made by Kaveh Samiei, a PhD researcher in architecture and an expert in the subject of ecology, Iran’s green rooftops and vertical greenery trends are still at its nascent stage. Although there are several eco-friendly and green building programs, Iran still needs to develop more pioneers from the same background.  To further improve and develop vertical greenery in Iran, planning is paramount.  A guiding policy and providing standards with supportive regulations can bolster its green infrastructure as well.

It is important that Tehran municipal authorities work together with engineering experts to keep watch on the green development in building green gardens on rooftops as non-professional construction can cause serious problems for the safety and health of the workers.

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