Dubai : Green planet bio-dome to be launched soon

Bio Dome

Scheduled to open in mid 2016, the Green Planet, launched by Meraas, is Middle East’s first bio-dome by recreating a tropical rain forest with its rich biodiversity of over 3,000 plants and animal in an enclosed eco-system. The unique shaped building is situated right in the center of the city.

Designed to embrace the importance of sustainability, The Green Planet will showcase a giant 25-metre tree – the largest indoor man-made and life sustaining tree in the world.

This building has been designed with by implementing sustainability practices and has received the global LEED certification and complies fully to the Dubai Municipality Green Buildings Regulation and Specification.

Located in Dubai’s City Walk, the Green Plant features a green canopy that acts as a cover for the tropical vegetation. It also recreates the natural habitat for various animal species and gives visitors a worthwhile experience to see the beauty of the rain forest.

According to Meraas, the holding company behind this project, the Green planet is built around the desire to contribute to  environmental consciousness in Middle East. Aiming not only to impress the visitors with green oasis in the city, it also ensures that they can enjoy up-close educational experience around exhibitions and displays about the tropical ecosystem.


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