UAE : ‘2016 EmiratesGBC Awards’ has been launched


Since its first inception in 2006, Emirates Green Building Council (EmiratesGBC) continues to conserve the environment and promote green building practices across the MENA region. This year, the EmiratesGBC has announced it will launch their 2016 EmiratesGBC Awards – opened to organisations and individuals from the Middle East.

The development of the EmiratesGBC Awards aims to highlight companies and individuals which have strong potential to help establish a regional model for the sustainable built environment. According to Saeed Al Abbar, the Chairman of EmiratesGBC, the organization has continued to receive more support in its efforts to become the global centre of green energy and economy over the course of many years.

Al Abbar also added that EmiratesGBC has witnessed an increasing number of sustainable initiatives being undertaken in the region and will continue to evolve into a more environmentally conscious society.

There will be 6 categories of the 2016 EmiratesGBC Awards including Green Facility Management Organisation of the Year, Green Building Material Award, Green Building System Award, Green Building Research Awards, Training initiative of the Year, and Green Building of the Year. The awards will be presented in four sub-categories namely Green Hotel, Green Commercial Building, Green Residential Building, and Green School.

Apart from the awards, EmiratesGBC is also conducting the 2016 Dr. Owainati Student Excellence Award to honour a student from a reputable university in the UAE who has conducted outstanding research work in a subject related to green buildings in the Middle East.


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