Dubai : Low carbon strategies for a future sustainable city

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A sustainable city flagship in Dubai developed by Diamond Developers is set to gain momentum to become Dubai’s star tourist attraction for Expo 2020. In line with Sheikh Mohammed’s green economy project, Dubai’s sustainable city aims to become a global landmark for ecotourism and sustainable living by implementing the highest environmental standards.

Dubai will be obtaining 7% of its energy through clean resources which will rise annually until 75% in 2050. Every building in the Emirates will also have a solar panel installed to utilize the daily sun exposure by 2030.

According to Diamond Developers, the overhead costs and costs are lower in comparison to ordinary buildings. Features that come with it include semi-furnished green-star appliances and comes with a $10,000 subsidy on an electric car. In addition to that, each house receives a utility cost of 25 percent to 30 percent of ordinary apartments.

Diamond Developers also added that they will convince people to follow their model by implementing sustainable practices without sacrificing any extra cost – instead of still going with the conventional ways.

Designed to seek a net zero-energy infrastructure, the project will produce all its needs from solar paneled roofs. Surrounded by 2,000 palm trees, the sustainable city targets to recover costs in four years from harvesting 80 tonnes of dates.

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