UAE : Sustainable benefits towards a unified green building code

As MEP Middle East launches its inaugural UAE conference in Dubai this month, it announced that a unified green building code across the UAE could aid a more sustained energy efficient programme.

During the event, Thomas Bohlen, Chief Technical Officer of The Middle East Centre for Sustainable Development said that a unified Dubai Intergrated Energy Strategy 2030 (DIES) programme for green building codes would be a more efficient way of greening a country. He also added that the Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy 2030 (DIES) was developed in 2010 and deployed in 2011, aiming to set Dubai on a strategic direction for securing sustainable supply of energy while also enhancing demand efficiency.

There are 52 buildings which had been certified green this year but will need more as there are around 160,000 villas in Dubai. Moreover, Bohlen explained that a lot of older building will need retrofitting and energy meters should be fitted into building for better occupant/tenant behaviour.

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