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The Principal Building Studies Specialist at Dubai Municipality announced the plan to introduce not only a new ranking system to rate buildings according to their energy efficiency, but also a new law to set minimum standards for retrofitting properties – both to be introduced in early 2016.

Since Q1 of 2015, Emirates Green Building Council had already designed the framework which would be used for the retrofitting law. According to Saeed Al Abbar, the chairman of the council, there are over 120,000 existing buildings in Dubai and most of them were built before any energy efficiency rules were developed. Around 35,000 buildings have been identified as being suitable to include major retrofits as well.

Four categories of the ranking system will be based on the minimum standards that require buildings to meet under the Green Building Regulation of Dubai Municipality.

In 2014, the energy efficiency regulation became mandatory for all new buildings in Dubai, and now the new law for retrofitting existing building will most likely follow the same pattern. However, it will not be compulsory for private projects. Mr. Nabil Siyam, from the Principal Building Studies Specialist, said that even when the regulations will be launched as planned, Dubai Municipality will give their stakeholders an optional period. No date was announced as to when it may become compulsory.

According to Taher Dia, the senior director of strategy and planning at Dubai’s Supreme Council of Energy, energy intensity map for Dubai is on the process of development and will help show the highest energy consumption in Dubai. This development will be targeting older buildings and facilities in the country as they focus more on the retrofits for strategic planning.



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