Abu Dhabi : Real estate database for improving green building policy

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Aiming to improve green building policies, UAE capital’s sustainable building initiative announced the introduction of a shared database of Abu Dhabi real estate developments.

Representative of Estidama initiative said that the real estate database is intended to enhance data sharing to highlight the positive aspects of sustainable developments.

According to Yasmeen Al Rashedi, the planning manager at Estidama, with a number of projects in and around Abu Dhabi, the database would help monitor and measure the output of results of the buildings that have already been built. Not only would the new database be able to demonstrate the achievements of green developments, it would also help highlight the positive aspects of green development.

She added that the database would allow users to analyse the results, in order to feed them to the policies and development team and improve the policies of Estidama and the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council. The database can cover the commercial, retail, hospitality, and residential supply and demand.

The database would allow Estidama to indicate the experience of the project owners’ capabilities when it come to being able to achieve the savings targets laid out by the green building community development.

According to Falah Al Ahbabi,Director General of the UPC, the shared database is a key milestone which builds on the strong foundation for data collection.

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