UAE : Harnessing Solar Power to tackle energy challenge

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) holds captivating opportunity to modify the energy mix as the crude oil price continues to track well below last year’s levels. The modification of energy sources offers promising solution to ensure better future through sustainable development.

Going towards different direction by not diversifying primary energy sources could be substantial considering the financial cost it entails. IMF stated that use the current period of lower oil prices is advisable a chance to reduce UAE’s reliance on hydrocarbons. Reduction on generalised energy subsidies while increasing social subsidies, will raise government revenues and discourage energy inefficiency. The more such reform is delayed, more costly adjustment will be imposed in the future.

By 2030, Dubai positively committed to multiply the renewable in its energy mix share by three times to 15%. Solar Energy appears to be the most promising sector to answer such issue, and in response to this, photovoltaic panels installation is a rising trend seen on residential building, villa, as well as private and government companies in Dubai.

However, the challenge with regards to the solar energy is the dust and debris level in UAE that could cause problem when constantly blown to the panels. On top of it, investment in solar cells and panels is also relatively expensive on the first purchase.

In attempt to make solar a much more viable energy option in Middle East this year, a Dubai Free Zone, EnPark, is partnering First Solar, PTL Solar and SolarReserve to develop better solar technology to facilitate Dubai ‘s ambition to achieve a cleaner, greener environment for the years to come.


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